What the MAUVE?!

Ok, so mauve is everywhere this season, and Lilac Lane is pretty much exploding with it. The good news is, this isn't your mauve from the early 90s. The other good news is that it goes with EVERYTHING. Ok, maybe not more mauve. But think of your neutrals....black, gray, white, cream, camel, and for our purposes, regular ol' denim. Mauve is kind of awesome. And, if you hate super girly pink shades (personally, give me allllll the pink) mauve is sort of a sophisticated big sister, you might be able to work with it. Maybe. 

Slate Romper by RuggedButts For the boys, no mauve in sight, but there's a beautiful slate blue in our collection of boys clothes that I love for it's versatility and vintage look. You just have to see it in person!


So what do you think? is Mauve mauvelous (see what I did there?) or...not?




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